List of workshops

Title of the workshopAnimator(s)Date (Schedule)
T1 : Évaluation de l'incertitude - Salle : MedocAbdérafi Charki, Polytech Angers, France06/06/2023 (8:30am-12:30am)
T2 : Science des données, intelligence artificielle et métrologie - Salle : CabernetValerie Livina, NPL, Royaume-Uni06/06/2023 (8h30-12h30) - Intervention en anglais
T3 : Utilisation de l'open data - Salle : CabernetLaurent Burnel & Anne Jaulin, INRAE, France06/06/2023 (2:00pm-6:00pm)
T4 : Analyse des données mesurées - Salle : GravesMarie Vaugoyeau, MStats, France07/06/2023 (8:30am-12h30am)
T5 : Évaluation métrologique d'un laboratoire - Salle : MedocAbdérafi Charki, Polytech Angers, France07/06/2023 (8:30am-12h30am)
T6-1 : Optimisation d'un système complexe en conditions opérationnelles - Salle : CabernetLaurent Denis, StatXpert, France07/06/2023 (8:30am-12h30am)
T6-2 : Optimisation d'un système complexe en conditions opérationnelles - Salle : CabernetLaurent Denis, StatXpert, France07/06/2023 (14h00-18h00) - Intervention en anglais
T7 : Management de la mesure suivant la future version de la norme ISO10012 - Salle : GravesGrégory Charpentier, Qalia Performance, France07/06/2023 (2:00pm-6:00pm)

How to participate in a technical workshop? 

The technical workshops are fee-based. They are given by highly qualified experts and are part of the programme of the MQDS 2023 congress which takes place in parallel with the FORUMESURE exhibition. This congress, MQDS 2023, on Measurement, Quality and Data Science, takes place in Bordeaux from 5 to 7 June 2023. To participate in the following workshops, you must register and pay your registration fee for the MQDS 2023 conference. To register for the congress, click on the button above! 

The workshop leaders

Laurent Denis

Laurent Denis is the founder and General Manager of StatXpert, a 18 year-old company dedicated in servicing numerous industries in Reliability Engineering in all of its facets. StatXpert accompanies many companies, from Design to Customer support, to help set up optimized strategies at the highest level warrantying a safe development, manufacturing and follow-up of high-reliability systems along all their operational lives. 

Mr. Denis holds a MBA, a Master’s degree in Statistics & Operational Research and was post-graduated in Big Data-oriented statistics for Engineers. 

Marie Vaugoyeau

Marie VAUGOYEAU, PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology, is a freelance mentor for people who want to learn how to analyze their data. As a freelance data scientist, she also works with companies to enhance their data and improve their coding best practices.
After a degree in agricultural engineering and five years in public research in ecology, Marie opened up to the world of business data, first as an employee and now as a freelancer. Writer of a statistics blog and R, creator of live broadcasts on Twitch, she has been using R for over 10 years.

Valerie Livina

Valerie Livina is a Senior Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory, the UK's national measurement institute. Valerie specialises in data science, time series analysis and the application of ML/AI techniques. She is particularly interested in the analysis of geophysical datasets and instrumental sensor records in the field of energy and the environment. Since 2007, Valerie has developed several new tipping point analysis techniques for early warning, detection and prediction of transitions and bifurcations in dynamic systems. Valerie leads the European standardisation work on green and sustainable AI in CEN JTC21 WG4. She has published more than 70 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, participated in more than 130 conferences and workshops (including more than 30 as an invited speaker) and in more than 170 training and advanced courses. Valerie is a Chartered Mathematician and a member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (CMath FIMA).

Grégory Charpentier

Founder of QALIA PERFORMANCE, Grégory has held various positions in the design office, methods and industrialisation, and then as head of the metrology department in a large French company specialising in the manufacture of high-performance transparencies for the aeronautical, naval, railway and armoured vehicle industries. Passionate about organisations, Grégory was trained by François Dupuy in the sociology of organisations, a knowledge that he has been able to apply throughout his career and in his role as Group Quality Manager for one of the world's leading manufacturers of aeronautical maintenance tools, and more recently as Quality and Technical Director for a leader in the intellectual services segment. Holder of numerous certifications such as Lead-auditor IRCA-9001, AATT EN9100, LEAN 6 Sigma, WCM and member of the ISO normative commission, Grégory founded in May 2021 the company QALIA Performance with which he has developed a know-how combining the expertise of the company's management systems advocated by the normative referentials with the sociological analysis of the organisations. This method, whose objective is to think of tomorrow's organisations while healing today's organisations thanks to the awareness of real organisations, is the fruit of a long reflection fuelled by the observation of Michel Crozier. « Quand on affronte les problèmes de demain avec les organisations d’hier, on récolte les drames d’aujourd’hui » d'après Michel Crozier.

Anne Jaulin

Anne Jaulin is an engineer at INRAE France, the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. A chemist by training, Anne was for 20 years in charge of a laboratory in a research unit dealing with soil ecotoxicology. She has acquired expertise in physico-chemical analysis of contaminants in complex environmental and biological matrices, in validation of analytical methods and chemometrics, as well as in quality management based on various ISO standards. In 2015, Anne participated in the development of CheMOOCs, a MOOC specialised in chemometrics. In 2019, Anne joined INRAE's DIAGONAL steering support department, to implement the institute's quality policy, particularly on the aspects of data reliability from measurement systems, a fundamental condition in the perspective of open science. Currently, Anne Jaulin is in charge of the management and deployment of the M³ INRAE network, a transversal network of experts in the field of Measurement, Metrology and Method validation. Anne has recently joined the board of directors of CAFMET and CN X07B Metrology of AFNOR.

Laurent Burnel

Laurent Burnel is an engineer in charge of data quality in a public research department at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE - FRANCE). His mission is to accompany the department's teams towards good research practices in the transition to open science. Laurent's role is part of a movement initiated at the European level to promote access and reuse of research products, in particular data produced by scientists.

Abdérafi Charki

Dr. Abdérafi Charki is currently a teacher-researcher at POLYTECH, an engineering school of the University of Angers, where he mainly teaches quality management, risk management, mechanics and metrology. He has extensive experience in industry as a project manager, consultant and assessor. He contributes to several scientific projects on uncertainty assessment, reliability and quality of products and systems.