List of conferences in free access

Title of the conferenceAnimator(s)Date (Schedule)
Open data, current and future issuesLaurent Burnel (Inrae, France)06/06/2023 (9:30am - 10.00am)
Making research results from measurement systems more reliable with M³Anne Jaulin, Amandine Etayo, Stéphane Andanson, Amélie Trouve, Corinne Brosse & Bénédicte Camier (Inrae, France)06/06/2023 (10:00am - 10:30am)
Text Data and Natural Language Processing: AI offers new sensors for tomorrow's predictive maintenanceStéphane Puydarrieux (Orana, France), Céline Alby (Axionable, France)06/06/2023 (11h00-11h30)
Feedback on COFRAC accreditation support for sampling and analysis laboratoriesDominique Piton (Labo’Cert, France)06/06/2023 (11:30-12:00)
Process automation on mass comparatorsPiotr Bobrowski (Radwag, Pologne)06/06/2023 (12:00-12:30)