If you'd like to get in touch with measurement, instrumentation and data science professionals, come to FORUMESURE 2024. Take part in the many free-access events (Demonstrations, Workshops, Conferences, Round Tables, Project Development). FORUMESURE 2024 is organized in parallel with the 9th International Metrology Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, organized by CAFMET.


If you're a manufacturer, a supplier of measurement equipment, a software vendor, a certifier, an expert...come and exhibit your innovations, showcase your work and present your products and services at the FORUMESURE 2024 International Exhibition. Discover the first 2024 exhibitors to reserve their stands.

Forumesure is ...

In parallel with CAFMET for the 9th International Metrology Conference

This unique event is a crossroads for exchanging and sharing information, ideas and experience, with conferences, technical workshops, round tables and exhibition stands.