HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in thermal technology innovation, HIKMICRO provides thermal cores, modules, cameras, total solutions, as well as night vision products, which can be used in outdoor, industrial and security, customers cover more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

BIPEA - Supplier of Proficiency Testing programs, Reference Materials and Training in microbiology and physico-chemistry. Founded in 1970, Bipea is an independent European organization providing a wide range of proficiency testing and external reference materials for testing laboratories concerned with quality control and analytical accuracy. Present in more than 160 countries around the world, our services cover various fields including the environment, cereals, agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and hygiene. More than 200 proficiency testing programs are available at BIPEA and cover a wide choice of matrices and criteria in physico-chemistry and microbiology. BIPEA is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance and accredited by COFRAC according to ISO/IEC 17043.

KNAUER VY MAZET is the official distributor of the KNAUER brand on French territory. KNAUER manufactures high-end scientific instruments for research, analysis, quality control and other applications. The technologies developed are liquid chromatography, precise handling and pumping of liquids up to high pressures, as well as continuous flow detection of dissolved substances. KNAUER BY MAZET now supports more than 50 customers, such as Sanofi, the CNRS, Bioelpida, in their research, innovation and in their daily development.

DOERLER Mesure was founded in 1986 and offers a wide range of measurement solutions. Recognized specialist in the field of extensometry and stress analysis for more than 30 years, the family business in constant growth, offers a response to the needs of various sectors of activity such as the transportation industry, the steel industry, research and education. Thanks to its collaborators, the company offers its systems in France but also throughout the world. Customer satisfaction being its priority, DOERLER Mesures is committed to providing reliable and robust measuring equipment adapted to the most severe requirements. Designer and manufacturer but also distributor of sensors, conditioning electronics and acquisition systems, DOERLER Mesures ensures its customers a high level of productivity.
1984:A one-woman craft workshop begins to operate. She produces ceramic kitchen scales in rented premises.

2023:The largest manufacturer of electronic scales in Poland and one of the largest in the world. RADWAG employs over 400 people. In addition to its headquarters in Radom, it has 8 national branches and 6 representative offices abroad. Our office in Cholet is the French office of RADWAG.

Our mission is continuous technological development and to supply users with the most modern products based on our own technical thinking. Specializing in laboratory balances and mass comparators, our range also covers the needs of industrial, medical, pre-packaging, ATEX, etc. balances.

DIMELCO has specialized in the distribution of measuring instruments since 1979, when it was founded. DIMELCO is part of the ASGARD group, which has built its instrumentation business around AOIP, a recognized international player in measurement, whose solutions are used by over 50,000 customers in some sixty countries, covering all industrial and laboratory sectors, as well as SOFIMAE, which offers its industrial customers maintenance, calibration and management services for their measuring instrument fleets, supported by three COFRAC-accredited laboratories.

DIMELCO's mission:
To be a major player in the distribution of electronic measuring instruments, with a nationwide presence (our sales teams are based in the main regions of France), while providing real added value thanks to the complete instrumentation solutions we offer for all sectors of activity, and our rigorous selection of the best brands and products from all over the world.
We have organized our products into 4 divisions: