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Calibrate in a more innovative way! The ambition of Beamex, to provide more innovative calibration methods in industrial metrology. Its actions are based on many points: transport less to reduce congestion, eliminate paper by favouring digital, adapt to field conditions (humidity, dust, explosive zone...).

Radwag Scales : the first manufacturer to offer a complete range of modern electronic scales and accessories covering the requirements of several industries in Poland and around the world. The company, founded in 1984, is today the leader on the Polish market and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of weighing instruments. Numerous certificates and awards given to RADWAG products prove their quality, reliability, accuracy, and compliance with the standards in force in the various countries. 

The family company SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn, founded in 1901, is synonymous with reliable and accurate measurement, control and calibration technology for throughput, level, temperature, pressure and force. 300 employees develop, produce and market their high-precision products, all in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

Campbell SIKA is an international group present in many countries since 1974. The group has earned an international reputation for its range of field-proven scientific instruments and solutions. In addition to a full range of sales and technical support services, the European branch has numerous R&D facilities that have lead to the recent development of several optical sensors for cloud height, visibility and current weather.

Hirox Corporation is a Japanese company, specialized in the production of optical instruments and digital inspection systems. Hirox was the first company to develop a 3D digital microscopic inspection system, including the 360 degree rotating head. Hirox designs very high quality lenses that have a wide depth of field and create high resolution images.

Instrumia offers extensive services in process instrumentation.
- Studies to help you define the instruments for your projects.
- The marketing of your sensors.
- On-site adjustment, control and maintenance.
They're instrument fanatics! Come and meet them at Forumesure!

Michell Instruments is one of the world leaders in high-precision humidity measurement solutions, particularly in dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis instrumentation. His expertise extends to various industries such as the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, energy production and food processing.

Rotronic, is a Swiss family company founded in 1965 and specializes in the design and manufacture of instruments for measuring relative humidity, temperature, CO2, the differential pressure, pressure, flow rate, dew point and water activity. Since 2000, Rotronic has been part of the digital revolution and has invested in the automatic data sector (machine to machine). With the development and launch of its RMS monitoring software, Rotronic consolidates its position as a leading supplier in the field of "Measurement Solutions".

Dewetron develops, manufactures and distributes test and measurement solutions, analog and digital data acquisition systems. Systems offering vibration, structural, electrical and chain systems measurements allow remote measurements. Intuitive operating software allows easy configuration for complex or non-complex measurements, reducing user training and system familiarization time. Their products can easily be integrated into your existing systems and test benches via standard or driver protocols. In addition, Dewetron develops high-precision signal conditioners for measuring current, voltage, bridge, strain gauge, force, pressure, acceleration...

Since 1949, Ellab is one of the pioneers and continues to innovate in the design, manufacture and sale of validation and monitoring solutions. His field of expertise includes thermal processes and other critical parameters in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and cosmetic industries. Ellab offers a wide range of quality equipment to validate applications such as freeze-drying, sterilization, depyretogenation, climatic chambers and much more

Nanovea aims to simplify advanced measurement technologies to stimulate materials engineering for the common good. Ease of use, advanced automation and a dedication to superior accuracy are at the heart of its complete range of instruments. As a member of the high quality manufacturer, thousands of customers rely on Nanovea for accurate and honest solutions, superior instruments, laboratory and experimental consulting services.

A3IP is an electronics design office founded in Nantes in 2003. It accompanies his clients from the the design of innovative and ambitious projects to their realization, manufacture and deployment in the field. Whether with universities, laboratories, major international groups, PME, A3IP shows its commitment, reliability and flexibility to satisfy its customers. All its services are realised in France. A3IP has its own range of products including its instrumentation solution (initiated in 2008) : PEGASE INSTRUMENTATION.

Specialist in organisational and quality consulting, audit, training, the CQS firm is also an editor of a quality software solution : CYBELE. This all-in-one management software is designed for those who want to save time, increase efficiency and productivity while improving collaboration within your company.